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**About Barbells & Ponytails**

Barbells & Ponytails is all about celebrating the fierce and fabulous fitness enthusiast in every woman. Whether you’re a lifter, a runner, a yoga lover, or anything in between – we’ve got you covered. We champion inclusivity, so whatever your age, size, or fitness preference, you belong here. Oh, and ponytails? Totally optional.

**Meet 'E' – The Heart Behind B&P**

Hello there! I'm Elisa, but feel free to call me 'E'. Living in sunny Tampa, FL, I’m surrounded by the love and chaos of my three dogs, my wonderful daughter, two step-kids and husband. While I'm not one to chase the spotlight (hello, social anxiety!), I believe it's essential for you to know the person and passion behind the brand.

**Our Origin Story**

Back in 2012, I stumbled upon CrossFit and, no exaggeration, it changed my life. At a point where I felt trapped in an unhealthy, emotionally abusive relationship, CrossFit infused me with strength, both physically and mentally. It was my confidence booster, my escape, and eventually, my springboard to break free.

The following year, I embarked on a new journey, founding a CrossFit gym. While scouting for empowering fitness wear, I faced a stark lack of appealing options. It wasn't about pinks or clichés. It was about feeling empowered. And just like that, the idea for B&P sparked. Investing my last $300 into a design concept, I embarked on a journey to create apparel that made women feel audaciously confident. Fast forward, and here we are, almost 10 years into making women feel like the badasses they truly are.

**Our Mission**

At Barbells & Ponytails, we're not just selling fitness gear. We're promoting a way of life, an ethos. We want every woman to experience the transformative power of finding her strength, just like I did with my first brush with a barbell. It’s not just about lifting weights; it's about uplifting spirits.

Our future is filled with big dreams for B&P, and for the vibrant community we're building. So, keep your eyes peeled - we’re only getting started.

With gratitude and grit,
Elisa Tanner

P.S. Every purchase you make fuels a dream, supports a woman-owned small business, and stands against faceless corporations. Your belief in B&P propels our vision forward, and for that, I’m endlessly grateful.


  • Liz P

    I found your brand through an online add and instantly fell in love with the designs. The shirts I bought are so soft and look great! I later found out that you are local which made me even more excited that I found this brand!

  • Joyce

    I love your products. I have hats and shirts which I wear often ❤️

  • Kaimee Akers

    Love your logo & your story! I can completely relate on so many levels. My husband was removed from the home 8 years ago. I started bodybuilding & it changed my life. I am competing on the pro stage here in August. I’d love to use that “Bum bum bum bah ba dah bah da” song as during my individual T-walk. I saw that ad of your’s on Facebook. If you could be so kind as to respond with the name/artist of that tune… I’d be so grateful! In the meantime…keep crushing those goals & your merch rocks!

    Kaimee Akers

  • Kim

    Just received the Low Squats High Standards sweatshirt and I LOVE it. I am 54 years old and found myself in May of 2020 wanting a change. My son was getting into strongman at the time and I asked him for some advice. He gave me some eating options and has consistently sent me CrossFit workouts every week for 18 months. I do CrossFit 4 times a week. Walk 3 miles a day 7 days a week and just started running and working on couch to 5k. I have lost 45 pounds and I feel great! It’s not easy to do that every day after work but once I do I feel great. I love your story Elisa and love the empowerment of women. We need to learn to lift each other up and encourage instead of judging. Thanks for the platform and doing what you do!! Will definitely buy from you again and tell others of the quality of your items! Keep it up!

  • Stacie B

    Elisa is doing it right! I made my first purchase just before Christmas (full confession I was shopping for my husband for myself lol) and I ordered 2 hats and a tank. I was NOT disapppointed with the quality and the fit. All items are quality made and I get tons of compliments on both the hats and the shirts. I am fortunate that I work in an industry where I can wear baseball hats to work everyday if I want and since these arrived, they are all I wear. Cheers to 2021 being a banner year for you. Your personalized thank you e-mail after my purchase really made a lasting impression and I will continue to shop/support you as long as you are in business. Keep up the great work and motivating women like me who need our workout clothes to be fabulous and functional. Happy International Women’s Day, Elisa – you are representing well!

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