Barbells & Ponytails offers unique, quality fitness apparel designed specifically for women who like to lift. Or run. Or do yoga...hey, whatever you're into! I am not one to judge. This brand is really for any woman, of any size, any age, who enjoys any type of fitness. I believe in being inclusive...not exclusive.  (And no, you do not need a ponytail!)

Who am I?

My name is Elisa...but you can call me 'E'. I'm 37, live in Tampa, Fl with my 3 dogs, 2-year-old daughter, 2 (future) step-kids, and an incredibly loving boyfriend/baby-daddy. 

I'm not someone who craves attention (read: social anxiety) and I have no dreams of becoming an "influencer". I've been perfectly happy hiding behind the camera...but I realize the importance of our customers knowing exactly who "we" are.

So if you'd like to hear how we on!


How B&P began (The short and sweet version)

In 2012, I discovered CrossFit...and that is when my entire life changed (cliche', I know). I was almost 30 years old, bartending, and in an incredibly toxic 5-year relationship…which I couldn't seem to escape. I had never been single, never lived by myself, and was terrified of the idea of being "alone". So I put up with a man who cheated on me constantly and was verbally abusive.  

 Until CrossFit.

Tired of the globo-gym scene, I stumbled upon CrossFit and was immediately hooked. It made me feel strong, capable, and honestly…like a total badass. My confidence skyrocketed…and soon thereafter, I kicked that piece of trash to the curb.

In 2013, I opened CrossFit 19North...which is where B&P was born! I was new to Instagram and scrolling for some cool CrossFit gear. Everything I found was either hot pink or super cheesy…which was NOT what I was looking for.

 So I decided to make a brand that women could wear and feel strong, confident, a total badass. I had no idea if anyone would like my idea...but here we are 6 years later!!

I want all women to feel how I did when I started weightlifting. My entire life changed after that first touch of a barbell- and I'm dedicated to encouraging other women to find the thing that does that for them. I have big hopes and dreams for the future of B&P… so stay tuned- there is SO much more to come!

 Elisa Tanner



P.S. I wrote all of that so you know that when you make a purchase from B&P, you are supporting a woman-owned small business...not some nameless, faceless corporation. I really hope to do some big things for women in the future- and your support means everything to me :)


  • Ruth Cano

    I love my hats and jacket for t corse I bought it too big and had to return it but I am Proud to weight for my ex small and not just that I am proud that you are so dedicated to what u believe in I am coming out of bad relationship driven by fear I have four kids and that work corrections and the gym is were I go to relax and focus on me and when my saw barbellsandponytails I was that for me

  • Carole

    In 2017 my husband asked me to go lift with him – (he’s been doing it for years) at first I was insulted, like “what are you trying to say, I need to work out?!”. I’m no stranger to exercise, I was in the military for 8 years and always did well on PT tests. But I never felt a passion for any particular kind of exercise. But I gave in to my husband’s request to go lift… From the first time I touched a barbell, I was hooked, addicted. Life kind of got in the way for a while, and I was not consistent. But we have a mini gym in our garage now and I’ve rededicated myself to fitness since the Covid started. I feel great! I lift weights 3-4 times a week and run almost every day too. I took a chance ordering a shirt from y’all and couldn’t be happier with the quality. I have another order that should arrive any day now! Thanks for your quality of products and great service. Happy to support your company.

  • Susana Miles

    I came upon your brand on Instagram and I’m so glad I did. I love your products. So far I’ve ordered multiple shirts, hats and 2 jackets. I like that you send a personal email thank us for our purchase, it makes it more personal. New workout gear helps me stay motivated in my workout regime. Hope to see new merchandise in your collection.

  • Becky

    While I’m not a huge crossfit girl, I love lifting and exercising. It is the best mental and physical therapy I’ve ever had. I started my journey around 2011. I’d always been active but after year and years of toxic relationships I needed something that was " just mine" and could build me up. I have trained and have become a NASM instructor. I want to continue to build me and other women like me. You have my support from Memphis Tn.

  • Tanya

    I just got my first order from your company. I love the items I bought. They are very high quality, and I will be buying again from you. I am a survivor of abuse first from my parents, and then from my ex. I am currently with the love of my life my husband and he is amazing. We have two kids and one of them is a daughter. I love supporting women-owned businesses and lifting other women up. I am teaching both my kids that they should never accept abuse in any form. I am a Muay Thai Martial artist. I also lift heavy. I too had to fight to get out of my abusive relationship. I understand that feeling of empowerment when you learn you can do something. I feel that way even in my Muay Thai. I will never let another person, man or woman put their hands on me again.

    Thank you for building this company. The products you make, make me smile, make me laugh, and make me happy. I hope you keep inspiring women all over the world and being the awesome person you are.

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