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Barbells & Ponytails offers unique, quality fitness apparel designed specifically for women who like to lift. Or run. Or do yoga...hey, whatever you're into! I am not one to judge. This brand is really for any woman, of any size, any age, who enjoys any type of fitness. I believe in being inclusive...not exclusive.  (And no, you do not need a ponytail!)

Who am I?

My name is Elisa...but you can call me 'E'. I'm 37, live in Tampa, Fl with my 3 dogs, 2-year-old daughter, 2 (future) step-kids, and an incredibly loving boyfriend/baby-daddy. 

I'm not someone who craves attention (read: social anxiety) and I have no dreams of becoming an "influencer". I've been perfectly happy hiding behind the camera...but I realize the importance of our customers knowing exactly who "we" are.

So if you'd like to hear how we on!


How B&P began (The short and sweet version)

In 2012, I discovered CrossFit...and that is when my entire life changed (cliche', I know). I was almost 30 years old, bartending, and in an incredibly toxic 5-year relationship…which I couldn't seem to escape. I had never been single, never lived by myself, and was terrified of the idea of being "alone". So I put up with a man who was manipulative, verbally abusive, and cheated on me like it was his job.

 Until CrossFit.

Tired of the globo-gym scene, I stumbled upon CrossFit and was immediately hooked. It made me feel strong, capable, and honestly…like a total badass. My confidence skyrocketed…and soon thereafter, I kicked that piece of trash to the curb.

In 2013, I found myself opening a CrossFit gym (which is a whole 'nother story). One day, I was scrolling Instagram for some cool CrossFit gear. Everything I found was either hot pink or super cheesy…which was NOT what I was looking for.

It was then that I had my "lightbulb' moment to create B&P.  I had a design in mind so I spent $300 (money that I could not even afford) on a graphic designer to help bring it to life. I wanted a design that women could wear and feel strong, confident, a total badass. I had no idea if anyone would like my idea...but here we are 7 years later!!

I want all women to feel how I did when I started weightlifting. My entire life changed after that first touch of a barbell- and I'm dedicated to encouraging other women to find the thing that does that for them. I have big hopes and dreams for the future of B&P… so stay tuned- there is SO much more to come!

 Elisa Tanner



P.S. I wrote all of that so you know that when you make a purchase from B&P, you are supporting a woman-owned small business...not some nameless, faceless corporation. I really hope to do some big things for women in the future- and your support means everything to me :)


  • Bonniebell Bertram

    I came across this product while surfing on Facebook and it got my attention!! I love to lift especially the Barbell after being exposed to Crossfit! I specially love that this is a company owned by a woman!! I can’t wait to try out your products!!!

  • Yolanda

    Awesome testimonial! Sounds so familiar. I was in a 14 yr abusive marriage and CrossFit along with my faith gave me a strength and confidence to help me finally decide to get out. First B&P purchase…can’t wait to receive my ponytail cap!

  • MElissa COleman

    I just wanted to say how awesome I think you are for stepping out of your comfort zone to talk a little about yourself and your company ! It’s small companies like yours that I feel good about supporting when I can ! Now I’m going to look through the website and find something amazing to buy !

    Keep Rocking it !!

  • Sylvina Goff

    I love your story! Thanks for sharing! And for opening up! I know it’s not easy as it seems like you are exposing yourself to the world! Looking forward to my first purchase! Four months ago I discovered weights on the gym floor and haven’t looked back!

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