THE BACKSTORY - Barbells & Ponytails

**About Barbells & Ponytails**

Barbells & Ponytails is all about celebrating the fierce and fabulous fitness enthusiast in every woman. Whether you’re a lifter, a runner, a yoga lover, or anything in between – we’ve got you covered. We champion inclusivity, so whatever your age, size, or fitness preference, you belong here. Oh, and ponytails? Totally optional.

**Meet 'E' – The Heart Behind B&P**

Hello there! I'm Elisa, but feel free to call me 'E'. Living in sunny Tampa, FL, I’m surrounded by the love and chaos of my three dogs, my wonderful daughter, two step-kids and husband. While I'm not one to chase the spotlight (hello, social anxiety!), I believe it's essential for you to know the person and passion behind the brand.

**Our Origin Story**

Back in 2012, I stumbled upon CrossFit and, no exaggeration, it changed my life. At a point where I felt trapped in an unhealthy, emotionally abusive relationship, CrossFit infused me with strength, both physically and mentally. It was my confidence booster, my escape, and eventually, my springboard to break free.

The following year, I embarked on a new journey, founding a CrossFit gym. While scouting for empowering fitness wear, I faced a stark lack of appealing options. It wasn't about pinks or clichés. It was about feeling empowered. And just like that, the idea for B&P sparked. Investing my last $300 into a design concept, I embarked on a journey to create apparel that made women feel audaciously confident. Fast forward, and here we are, almost 10 years into making women feel like the badasses they truly are.

**Our Mission**

At Barbells & Ponytails, we're not just selling fitness gear. We're promoting a way of life, an ethos. We want every woman to experience the transformative power of finding her strength, just like I did with my first brush with a barbell. It’s not just about lifting weights; it's about uplifting spirits.

Our future is filled with big dreams for B&P, and for the vibrant community we're building. So, keep your eyes peeled - we’re only getting started.

With gratitude and grit,
Elisa Tanner

P.S. Every purchase you make fuels a dream, supports a woman-owned small business, and stands against faceless corporations. Your belief in B&P propels our vision forward, and for that, I’m endlessly grateful.


  • Brittany

    I came across this company and asked for a pony hat for Christmas. I got a hat and the lightweight crop hoodie and am OBSESSED! I love the products so much and can’t wait to get more! I love supporting smaller businesses like this. Thank you!

  • Jess

    I loved your products before reading your story. Now I suddenly have the itch to snag some more merch! Thank you for sharing. I love knowing that each purchase my friends and I make goes to a person, and like you said, not a nameless faceless machine. Happy lifting!

  • Ruth Cano

    I love my hats and jacket for t corse I bought it too big and had to return it but I am Proud to weight for my ex small and not just that I am proud that you are so dedicated to what u believe in I am coming out of bad relationship driven by fear I have four kids and that work corrections and the gym is were I go to relax and focus on me and when my saw barbellsandponytails I was that for me

  • Carole

    In 2017 my husband asked me to go lift with him – (he’s been doing it for years) at first I was insulted, like “what are you trying to say, I need to work out?!”. I’m no stranger to exercise, I was in the military for 8 years and always did well on PT tests. But I never felt a passion for any particular kind of exercise. But I gave in to my husband’s request to go lift… From the first time I touched a barbell, I was hooked, addicted. Life kind of got in the way for a while, and I was not consistent. But we have a mini gym in our garage now and I’ve rededicated myself to fitness since the Covid started. I feel great! I lift weights 3-4 times a week and run almost every day too. I took a chance ordering a shirt from y’all and couldn’t be happier with the quality. I have another order that should arrive any day now! Thanks for your quality of products and great service. Happy to support your company.

  • Susana Miles

    I came upon your brand on Instagram and I’m so glad I did. I love your products. So far I’ve ordered multiple shirts, hats and 2 jackets. I like that you send a personal email thank us for our purchase, it makes it more personal. New workout gear helps me stay motivated in my workout regime. Hope to see new merchandise in your collection.

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