Becoming a B&P affiliate

You've probably heard the term "affiliate" or "brand ambassador"...but do you know what that really means?  Well, could mean something different for each company.

Before you jump on board to become the next brand ambassador for a company you never have heard of [..but managed to slide into your DMs] make sure it's a beneficial relationship for you both.


What is expected of you?  Are there a certain amount of posts each month that you are expected to make for the brand?

Is there any cost?  

This is not necessarily a factor that should make you run.  When B&P started our ambassador program in 2016, we required a $75 purchase of our brand ambassador kit.  It included 3 shirts, a hat, bag, & decals... which was all worth well over $75. 

So you really just need to determine if the cost is worth it to you. When companies are starting out, they usually can't afford to just give away free merch...but it's obviously important for their reps to...well, REP the product!  So offering a bundle of items at a steep discount is basically a win-win...assuming you actually like the brand and the products!

Is it an MLM?

Many MLM's (multi level marketing) require you to purchase a certain amount of product that you're then expected to sell. (Lularoe, Younique, It Works etc) You're also expected to recruit other people to join your "team". I must strongly caution you against this type of marketing and encourage you to do your research. 

What is the incentive?


Now that I've given you some things to think about...let me tell you about OUR program.

What is expected of you?

You are not required to do anything!  It is entirely up to you how much you promote/how much you earn.  It's simple: The more you post, the more followers you have, the more $ you can make.  

Is there any cost?  

Nope. Nothing. Nada. We strongly encourage you to purchase B&P apparel if you don't have any already...that will simply make it easier for you.  The more you are seen wearing the brand, the better!

What is the incentive?

Upon becoming a B&P affiliate, you will be given a referral link.  When someone uses your link and makes a purchase you will then earn 10% of their total purchase! (before tax and shipping) 

That link click credits you with the sale for 30 days! Say they click on your link and don't purchase anything that day...if a week later, they see an ad of ours, return to the website and make a still get the credit!!

The sale will show up in your affiliate dashboard where you'll be able to see exactly what you've earned and when you'll be paid! The funds will be transferred to your PayPal account- which is a free account and required for our affiliate program. 

How do you quit?

Just delete your affiliate account via your's that easy! No hard feelings if it's not for you.

What are the requirements?

So if you've read all that and are interested in being an affiliate- please apply here!


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