About Us


Welcome to Barbells & Ponytails!

We offer unique, quality fitness apparel designed specifically for women who like to lift. Or run. Or do yoga...hey, whatever you're into!  I am not one to judge.  This brand is really for any woman, of any size, any age, who enjoys any type of fitness.  I believe in being inclusive...not exclusive.  

This company was created by myself (Elisa) back in 2014, when I realized that there was not one brand out there with cute gear for women.  [At least none that I could find at the time.] I opened up my own CrossFit gym in 2013, I've had many of my own personal fitness struggles, and this is where B&P was born! And while there may be more options than ever these days... I can assure you that I am working to do things a little different.  

My vision is to be able to bring women together, from all walks of life, who raise each other up, instead of tearing each other down.  I don't believe that we have to look or act a certain way, simply because society tells us we should.  The increase in instagram "models" who use angles, filters, and other hocus-pocus to make themselves look a certain way, certainly isn't helping our (often critical) self image.  I want to show women of all shapes and sizes, that it's ok to be muscular, lean, strong, or "thick" as long as you are happy with yourself!  

So I hope you will join me on my journey, and send in your pics when you're wearing B&P so I can showcase to the world how beauty is not "one size fits all"!!



P.S.- While I'm working on the story of how B&P really started, feel free to join our fast growing Facebook group full of ladies like you!!